My Chinese date

“You can have Chinese with your friends” this were the last words on my call with my wife wen she finally disconnected our call and switched off her cell phone.

Actually we belong to a middle class family and we have planned our Chinese date a long ago that I also can’t remember.

 I was on my way to home wen I told her that I don’t my lunch tomorrow as in office we have planned to have lunch outside. 

This was my words and I don’t know what I just said to make her so angry that she disconnected our call. Till I reach home I was just scratching my head and thinking what I did????

Finally reached home.

As I reached home her expression was so cold as if I ever exit for her. I was still wondering where I am at fault. As we live with our parents she didn’t directly say anything or even I didn't ask her. 

She was busy with her kitchen stuff. After we had dinner and dish washing was completed, she finally entered the bedroom but with same expressions. But now I have gathered all my courage and finally decided to end this suspense and tell me what is going in her mind.

But as soon as she reached on bed she fell asleep. I tried one or two times to talk to her but all my efforts are in vain. I really can’t understand she was really sleeping or just pretending to be.

 I just placed my hand across her while sleeping and she removed it in the way as I was just an another man on road who is trying to take advantage. 

Then I thought for a second and my inner voice told me, “ you really have done something to upset your wife".

Next morning...

My darling wife was busy with her preparations of our office lunch. Yes I forget to tell u she is also working woman. Before going ahead I would like to Praise my wife a little. 

I know from my narration you must have been thinking that she is vamp of my life but let me tell you it’s not the case. She is simply adorable. She is always being supportive life partner.

 Ya of course she is sweet, cute, lovable, childish but some time I just can’t handle her anger. Yes we can say that if she is angry she can be like “ANGRY INDIAN GODDESS “ But in any way I have a deep lovable feelings for her.

Okay, now let’s start with morning time. So while she was preparing lunch I was thinking wen she will cum to wake me up. I was already awake but waiting for her. 

At 7'O clock as I was about to get up, I saw her entering into our bedroom and acted like I was sleeping . She came me told me to get up but not with that smile which she was having daily while waking me up. 

I got up, took shower and got ready for office. Meanwhile she also wrapped her kitchen course and was getting ready simultaneously. But still we didn’t have exchanged a single word. 

We left for office, in same auto we were sitting next to each but like strangers. She left just with a single” BYE".


I was having I hard time in office. Since last 6 months my work pressure has been so much that I am not able to give much time to my wife. I guess this was the result of it. I was not able to concentrate on my work because my life was not talking to me that too from last night.

 I was frustrated so I decided to say sorry but she has not given me any chance to say so.

So at last I messed her “ sorry".

She replayed, “ sorry for what”

Me: for everything

She: I don’t need your sorry.

Me: so today wait for me . We will be going on CHINESE DATE today.

She: okay.

She immediately called me and we chatted our heart out . It were hardly 16 hrs we hadn’t talk, out of which 8 hrs were of sleeping but I was feeling like if we hadn’t talked for years and same was her condition. 

She is “ My Angry Goddess" as I stated earlier but a simple “ sorry “, “ love u" and even a simple warm hug is sufficient to wash away all her anger.

6:00 PM

Our office timings were different so she has to wait for me for about half an hour. I left my office but that day it was heavy traffic on road. She reached our meeting point at 6: 45pm. But at this time I was still near my office.

 It will take almost an hour for me to reach. My heart beats were fast. My mind was flushed with thoughts that how she will react if I reached late. A line of sweat was going down from my forehead.

I got a call from her,

“ where r u?? I reached here.”

For a second I was blank then I answered, “ its heavy traffic. I may get late. You can go to market and buy some stuff till then if you want.”

She agreed and we disconnected our call.

As I was about to reach 5 minutes before I again got her call saying, “ its started raining. “

I told her a film dialogue,” aaj puri kaynat humare date cancel karna chahti hai par aaj chahe kuch b ho jaye hum Chinese kha k rahege. “

She started laughing.

I reached there in meanwhile and we have decided to go on our regular Chinese corner. Somewhere deep inside I was having the feeling if today it open or not because it were almost 6 months we haven’t been there. 

As I have told you God was just trying to bully me, I was so sure that Chinese corner can also give us disappoint but I was have made my mind that any cost we have to be successful in our plan which we have planned after a bitter fight. Actually it has become necessary to bring back sweetness of our relationship .

Now we were heading towards our destination ditch in little rainy shower and as I expected some renovation has been the reason for our destination to be closed. 

It was not renovation , it was my destiny playing games with me. But I again told her no matter what we will have this date.

 We started walking hand in hand on wet and cold roads to find a single Chinese wala where we can sit, chit- chat, eat noodles and complete our date. While we are walking I thought to withdraw some money from ATM but again, we came across 3 ATMs and all were either out of service or with label no cash. 

Really this were literally jinxs..

I was getting acidity. I bought a tablet from medical and asked water from medical store owner. He was generous. With the help of water I swallowed medicine. My stomach was acidic but still I don’t want to disappoint my wife and cancel my plan so instead I took prior medication.

We were again in search of Chinese corner. While on road we spotted my small corners but they were not worth of sitting with your wife. 

So finally we remember a tandoori corner near our sweet home. So finally we took a long walk before our date. It was also a fantastic experience. At last our misunderstanding has been totally resolved and now we were behaving like back to normal and lovable couples.

We were finally sitting in tandoori corner with menu card. But as we have planned for Chinese we ordered our favorite triple schewan noodles and masala papad. 

After placing our order we were engaged in our love chats, sorries, and lot more.

 As Our order was on our table we stared at each other like that at last our date is successful. We enjoyed our food and left for home. 

On the way in front of our building there is a grocery shop we stop there and completed our date with “ malai kulfi". It was fantastic feeling of having kulfi with her after dinner. 

Actually as we both were working we have lost this tiny love sharing moments. But today we have crossed all our hurdles to live that lovely moments which are truly required to continue the spark of love throughout your life.

This was my memorable date because we have never suffered so much just to complete our date. I think if my lovely wife was not angry on me due to yesterday's incident and we have decided it casually to go have dinner in hotel together, our date would have surely got extended but I have made promises to myself that at any cost I have to be successful tonight and be a hero in front of my love....

I think in today’s fast moving world we are surely missing this small but truly lovable moments so I advice you all that make this moments happen before you’re lovely wife is transformed into “ Angry Indian Goddess".

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- Bhargavi N Desai
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